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Jeffrey Greene has been professionally designing furniture for forty years. His furniture, in rare solid woods, is among the most highly respected work being done in the field today. Influenced by the master George Nakashima, Jeffrey Greene has built on the foundation of Nakashima's work, and taken it in his own direction. Extraordinary large book matched slabs from consecutively milled pieces of burled black walnut, figured cherry, and huge single natural edge planks of Claro Walnut and African Bubinga (as large as 20' long and 6' wide), are fashioned into stunning dining and conference tables that may be shipped worldwide.

Having come full circle back to the live edge, slab approach to construction pioneered by George Nakashima that was Jeffrey Greene's first work, the many years of intervening design experience has come into play in structural innovations and subtle proportional accents in his new pieces. Arguably some of the most durable furniture ever made, the relaxed sophisticated lifestyle implied by these wonderful and decidedly useable pieces gives a sense of satisfaction that will last for generation after generation.

The design process is refined by the classical procedure of a multitude of freehand, artistic, conceptual drawings, followed by model making, technical drawings and pattern making. About a hundred drawing books filled with conceptual sketches, comparative details, and high accuracy finished renderings that Jeffrey Greene has produced over the years have honed his design skills to a fine edge. The prolific examples of original design that you can see on the website are the fruit of this labor.

Jeffrey Greene's furniture designs have been featured in numerous books, national and regional publications, as well as on television. His designs have been included in Fine Woodworking Design Book II, Fine Woodworking Design Book III, Woodwork Magazine, Custom Woodworking Magazine, Woodworker Magazine, Wood Shop News, American Style Magazine, The Guild Sourcebook, and American Craft Magazine. While located in New Hope, PA, his studio was covered in Smithsonian Magazine Private Tour Guide. Television coverage of his work has included FOX Channel Television and Home Channel Television Modern Masters Series.

Although Jeffrey Greene is largely self taught in the art and technique of furniture design and construction, he credits master furniture maker George Nakashima, master wood sculptor James Martin, who served an extended apprenticeship with George Nakashima, and brilliantly innovative designer/artisan the late Phillip Lloyd Powell as formative influences. He also recognizes his father, painter/sculptor George Greene, for exposure to the creative process as a way of life.

For thirty years Jeffrey Greene has conducted an apprenticeship program in which a small number of talented students have been exposed to the skills required of a world class artisan. Of the approximately forty apprentices he has taught, about twenty are full time studio furniture makers. A number of them are rising stars in this highly competitive field. They are scattered from Alaska, to Israel, to Brazil, and throughout the lower forty-eight states.

Jeffrey Greene earned his B.S. from Union College in Schenectady, NY, and has an M.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University in NJ. He has been a practicing martial artist for thirty-seven years holding a black belt in Shotokan Karate with proficiency in the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. He is also an award winning oil painter.

Greene and Greene Gallery is the exclusive representative of Jeffrey Greene's furniture. Jeffrey's award winning designs have earned him an international reputation as a master furniture designer. This, in rare combination with skills as a gifted craftsman, with the added ingredient of solid rare rosewoods and magnificent large live edge slab lumber result in a strikingly broad range of exceptional designs. Though the gallery shares the name of both husband and wife, the collaborators in this effort have distinct roles. While Jeffrey builds and designs furniture, Valerie focuses her efforts on creating an environment that integrates Jeffrey's furniture into the whole concept of artistic living for which Greene and Greene Gallery is known.

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