greene and greene gallery


As I reflect on my career as a Gallery owner, I think about what really motivated me to start this venture thirty years ago.

Today I still have the same enthusiasm to represent and discover the most truly talented and finest artisans in the country. There still is an excitement in getting in touch with my original passion of working with such fine artists.

In this day of the Internet , the reality of maintaining a physical Gallery location is no longer realistic. However, the importance of fine craft artisans continued presence is of the upmost importance.
My goal is to establish an exclusive Gallery that represents a core group of artisans whose work maintains the contemporary classical aesthetic that gave Greene and Greene Gallery its enduring reputation and success.​

We are now collaborating with Jeffrey Greene Design Studio in creating a Lifestyle Collection.  It is intentionally chosen to enhance your personal style for decorating yourself or your home. Our hope is to make your life more colorful and creative.

We are excited to have this opportunity to present and share newly discovered artistans as well as our most classic designers represented by Greene and Greene Gallery for 30 years. 

Greene and Greene Gallery under construction.......

Our online Gallery is in the process of joining with Jeffrey Greene Design Studio to create the Jeffrey Greene Design Studio Lifestyle Collection.